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I am a Year 1 teacher with nearly 20 years of experience who is currently working in a school that is much larger than the average-sized primary school,in the city of Norwich.
A significant number of pupils speak English as an additional language, which is above the national average and allows for a wealth of cultures to be explored.
An above-average proportion of pupils are supported by the pupil premium and receive free school meals. We also have an above-average proportion of pupils who join part-way through the school year.

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  1. Hey Cecilia
    Hope you are well…I’ve nearly finished teacher training and have secured a post as Y1 teacher (with my current reception class 😁). I really want to get the transition right and an researching now about continuous provision (love your blog). The new classroom room won’t have access for outside freeflow…which is annoying. Would you suggest a big block of time all out together or in 2 groups(i should have 1 TA and 29 kids) or stick with breaktime :/ ??? X

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