Outdoor Environment- all change!

Warning- Extreme jealousy may occur!!!

A few years back our school sold some land to developers and as part of that deal, there has been some money allocated to improve the infrastructure of the school.  My headteacher described it as the money you can spend on things that if you turned the school upside down it wouldn’t fall out!

It’s been a difficult time as a school with large cuts to our support staff due to the underfunding of budgets. I won’t go on here about my views on that or it would be a very different post…but it’s wonderful to have a bit of good news even if it seems to strange to have money for one area but not another.

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Communication is Key!

Hi I’m going to be adding information here about the work of Communication champions in the Norwich Opportunities Area . I have recently been trained and although I have 20 years of experience teaching I found out lots of new things! As well as confirming what I always believed to be true too.

We are lucky enough to have a Wellcomm toolkit for assessing children’s communication and although I have only just begun; it is fansicating to discover small gaps in their knowledge which might have gone undetected. Of course identification is only the beginning but the pack comes with a big book of ideas which give the practitioner ideas about how to move the learning on, including steps back and forwards.

Lots of useful tips and activities.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used the toolkit and what you think?

I’ll be posting more info soon.

Days of the week

This week  in Year 1 we are exploring time in Maths. So far we have played with the small plastic clocks and played time bingo and ordered our day. Today the children loved making chains with the days of the week on . My year group partner Elin Roberts saw the idea on the web and adapted it. We printed the words in strips on coloured paper . The children had to cut the days of the week out and make a paper chain. They used highlighters to mark Saturday and Sunday. This was a great visual to see how the week starts and finishes, but probably the highlight was singing the days of the week to the Adams family tune.

Check out the link below and enjoy!


Superhero theme in the classroom- DT and communication enhancements and challenges

Make your own Superhero mask !
Dress up as a hero, answer an urgent call , solve a problem!

The children were invited to decorate the masks they had already cut out another day as a Fine Motor Skills activity. We also made a superhero rescue centre in the construction area; this gave the opportunity for writing as they had rescue forms to fill in and challenge cards to provoke more imaginative role play.

Superhero Rescue Centre

Superhero theme in the classroom- Maths enhancements and challenges

Counting in 2’s,5’s and 10’s.
The superhero jumping to count.

After our exciting start to the topic we have enhanced our continuous provision in a number of ways. Using the White Rose Hub as a starting point for Maths planning we use challenges in the classroom to deliver mastery and fluency. Above is an example where the children used small world figures to jump the building whilst counting. Also available were actual blocks that the children pretended were building for the superheroes to jump. Great for engaging children who prefer to be active in their learning.

Money to count in 2,5,and 10’s. We pretended the villians had stolen the money and we needed to count it to check it was all back!


Helicopter Stories in Year 1

I can highly recommend the book by Trisha Lee. We have introduced this on Wednesday mornings to supplement our English curriculum. The rich storytelling and story acting techniques are already taking effect and the voice of children that were reluctant to share their ideas are now being heard loud and clear. Their website is a wealth of advice and resources and if you have the budget I’d ask for training.

To see the results in action see this post.

Image result for helicopter story book
Click on the image to visit their website.

Superhero Writing – Getting boys hooked !

We started this term with a Superhero theme. We have read the excellent book Harvey the Hero and the well-known text Superkid. Today however at lunchtime a terrible crime was committed by a villain!









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