Outdoor Environment- all change!

Warning- Extreme jealousy may occur!!!

A few years back our school sold some land to developers and as part of that deal, there has been some money allocated to improve the infrastructure of the school.  My headteacher described it as the money you can spend on things that if you turned the school upside down it wouldn’t fall out!

It’s been a difficult time as a school with large cuts to our support staff due to the underfunding of budgets. I won’t go on here about my views on that or it would be a very different post…but it’s wonderful to have a bit of good news even if it seems to strange to have money for one area but not another.

So we are having a major makeover and the Year 1 outdoor learning environment has been made a priority. Continue reading “Outdoor Environment- all change!”

Communication is Key!

Hi I’m going to be adding information here about the work of Communication champions in the Norwich Opportunities Area . I have recently been trained and although I have 20 years of experience teaching I found out lots of new things! As well as confirming what I always believed to be true too.

We are lucky enough to have a Wellcomm toolkit for assessing children’s communication and although I have only just begun; it is fansicating to discover small gaps in their knowledge which might have gone undetected. Of course identification is only the beginning but the pack comes with a big book of ideas which give the practitioner ideas about how to move the learning on, including steps back and forwards.

Lots of useful tips and activities.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used the toolkit and what you think?

I’ll be posting more info soon.