Year 1 Timetables- What does it look like ?

At the beginning of the year our timetable looked very different to it does now. Whether this is a good thing , the jury is still out. See my other posts on increasing structure and reflection on the process.

In September we start with the only structured part of the day being short input for English or Maths in the morning and another short input of the other in the afternoon. So that means English and Maths are our focus. Also we have a phonics session in small groups at 11.30- 12pm. See my post on phonics groups.

Yes Jobs

Then as the children adapt and we get to know them we introduce what we call ‘Yes jobs’ , they got the name because the children asked ‘do we need to do them ? ‘ and they became ‘yes jobs!’ While in a perfect world where education was run by professional teachers and not policy makers you may feel there isn’t a need for ‘yes jobs’unfortunately this is not case yet.

Having said that the yes jobs soon became ‘ when’s it my turn to do a yes job?’ and me turning them away for later. These are focused sessions either with a teacher or a teaching assistant , in small groups or one to one. While these are happening the other children are engaged in the learning environment both inside and out . At least one adult available to push the learning on outside looking for teachable moments.

A range of optional challenges to enhance the area of learning are also available. See example of challenges related to superheroes.

This is my preferred way to teach this age range and I really felt that the very best deep learning was achieved at this time. We taught like this for the first two terms of the year. The Summer term saw the increase in structure to meet the needs of the Year 2 way of working.

Clever use of time ! 

I don’t know how your school structures the day but one of the best things we’ve done this year is how we have timetabled PE. It used to be 2 , 1hr slots per class at some point in the week when the infant hall was available. This year we’ve had 2 PE slots of 2 hrs each. During this time instead of it being one class go first then the next, we’ve mixed the children across the year group into 3 groups of 20. They all get ready for PE at the start of the session, then group 1 ( Sun) do PE for 40mins, then English with 2 teachers! and finally either handwriting or intervention activities for 40 mins. The other groups start in a different place and they all rotate round.

The quality of their PE skills are far superior to other years. The opportunity to work in a small group of 20 children for English with 2 teachers gives individualised time and accelerated progress. If you get the chance do it!!!

No wasted change over time and smaller groups it’s a no brainer!!!

Guided Reading

We use a carousel system and use a Friday morning to work with all the children in groups. There are a variety of learning opportunities at each table for the children to practise their skills linked to the weeks learning. Individual readers are picked up through the week by a mixture of volunteers and staff.

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