Superhero Writing – Getting boys hooked !

We started this term with a Superhero theme. We have read the excellent book Harvey the Hero and the well-known text Superkid. Today however at lunchtime a terrible crime was committed by a villain!










Malcolm the Meerkat

The children returned from lunch to find Malcolm our phonics Meerkat captured and strung up on the ceiling!

The children were buzzing about who had committed this heinousness crime and why. We talked as a whole class about how we will free him. I explained that he was too high to use the ladder and the caretaker couldn’t help. Then one child suggested a superhero and we were off.

I had large sheets of paper on each table and the children added their ideas using felt pens. I used felt pens instead of pencils as this tends to engage the boys as they don’t feel as if they are ‘writing’. The children were engaged and excited.

The next day they returned to school and found Malcolm safely sitting on a bean bag from the reading corner. I explained that last night on the CCTV we found the following film

I used an app called ‘Superpower FX’ to record myself and my year partner freeing the toy. The children just couldn’t believe it – fab start to our topic!



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