How It All Started…

I like a challenge so after working for over 15 yrs in KS2 I felt I wanted a change and a new and exciting challenge. I moved from a Junior school to a Primary so that I could eventually work in KS 1 hopefully.

The chance came 3 yrs ago. I was new to Year 1 so I followed the pattern of learning that was already established. However despite being pleased with many aspects of the learning I felt something was missing. I did my own research into how young children learn and read several books to help me understand. It soon became clear that I wanted to improve and change the  way we worked in Year 1.

I put a case together and asked the SLT to listen to my proposal. I am very lucky to say that after my presentation and some challenging questions I was given the go ahead.

I spent 2 weeks in the holidays changing the learning environment in both Year 1 classrooms. A book  I found invaluable is Year 1 in action By Anna Ephgrave.

This was prompted because I saw that there were areas in which we could improve the learning for all children.

Areas for development identified last year were:

  • Some children entering Year 1 with significant gaps in their learning
  • Smoother transition between EYFS and Year 1- emotional and academic
  • Engaging Boys in writing and the need for them to make accelerated progress

  • Structured formal learning suiting some of the pupils but not fully meeting the needs of all the children. ( A need to support children with gaps, and also, equally important, extend the learning of
    the more able to reach their full potential)
  • Engaging parents and raising aspirations
  • Assessment across the year and across the curriculum to show progress.
  • Continue with upward trend in Phonics – aim for at least national average.

So far so good it’s early days but a recent pupil progress meeting  we have shown considerable increase in a percentages in attainment across the board. There is still a long way to go but I can honestly say hand on heart  I know we are doing the right thing by the children.

I will keep you updated on progress as the year unfolds.

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