Timetabling – Increasing structure through the year.

At the start of the year we introduced the children to the enabling environment. We had a good idea of the gaps the children had as they transitioned from EYFS to KS1 . This is by no means down to our wonderful EYFS team – deemed outstanding by ofsted! Probably a lot more to do with the huge difference in curriculum between early years and Year 1 (There is plenty of debate about this in both the educational world and beyond. )Also the starting points for some of our children plays a massive role in their attainment .

However In Year 1 we are  set targets and percentages as are any other year group or school. It’s the world we work in now.But knowing that not all the children were ready to start  Year 1 ‘at expected’ we had areas to develop further.


We have been delighted with the results so far this year , I wont bore you with too much data but we have almost doubled our writing, reading and maths scores. We still don’t make national % levels for age expected yet but when I look at the actually progress the children have made it is astounding.

Time to change

So is it time to change? Despite all our success we are very aware of the pressures of Year 2 and the KS 1 SATs. So we are going to introduce  a more formal morning. This was always the design , as the year progressed to get closer in line with how the children will be taught in Year 2 and KS2.

We are keeping the afternoon Child Led playful learning. Also I am confident that if we see that this new ( well old really) way of working is not getting the results I’ll happily change back!

Next Year

In an ideal world we would continue the learning style into Year 2 but that’s a whole new ball game and area to tackle. Never say never!

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