Helicopter stories – amazing day today

Today was one of those days you hope for as a teacher when you see children really taking huge steps in their personal progress.

On Wednesday mornings the two Year 1 classes share a slot in the library this means over the morning it is possible to have half the class left. ( 15 pupils currently) We take a public story and act it out as a class then half the children leave for library. I then take private stories as the children access continuous provision. I always have a queue of keen beans desperate to tell me a story. We’ve only been running this for 3 weeks and already all but 3 children have told me a story. Today when we went back to the stage to do the story acting we had some powerful stories. Just as we were ending I asked if there were anymore public stories . We had finished the 6 I’d taken this morning. When a boy in my class who is on the SEND register for speak and language put his hand up. He started the year with the target of answering the register! He then told his story in a clear voice and when it came to acting it out another child who is painfully shy and has English as additional language wanted to step on the stage and take part for the first time. My TA and I caught eyes across the stage and had to look away…here were children that had no voice sharing their ideas with the other children and adults.

But that was not all!!

Later this afternoon 2 children set themselves up in the book corner and when I looked over I realised what they were doing. They were being the story teller and story scribe just as I am. But this wasn’t the usual ,keen to write stories girls, this was a child who struggles to mark make and a boy who finds it very difficult to access learning despite lots of in class intervention etc. They were both truly engaged he was telling her a wonderful story full of story language such as after that , later that day, and she was notebook in hand ‘writing’ every word he said. I was able to capture this moment on tapestry and I can’t wait for the parents to see it.

It’s only week 3 watch this space!

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